Beech Pizza Oven Wood

Beech Pizza Oven Wood

0.5 Cubic meters

THIS PRODUCT IS CLICK & COLLECT ONLY. Click here for a delivery. Click & Collect is from City Firewood, Cnr Johns & Gardiners Road, Harewood, Christchurch 8051


Cut to an approximate length of 14" (35cm)

Our Beech Pizza Oven Wood is specially cut for use in pizza ovens from New Zealand Beech.

A classic pizza oven wood cut, the Beech is cut into thin, long 15 inch pieces of wood, and then kiln dried for a premium burn. This dense hardwood will burn hot and heat your oven up to a high temperature, while giving off a natural wood smoked aroma.


Hardwoods produce the immense heat needed to bring your pizza oven to the optimum heat, as well as the coaling abilities to heat the oven floor meaning your pizza will cook fast and even, every time.

In support of maintaining our native forests we ensure our Beech is sourced through land conversions.

Bags of Pizza Oven wood are available, contact the team for more information.


0.5m3 is one scoop of our loader bucket, this will fit in most car boots easily. Bring your own trailer or we have complimentary trailers to borrow that fit 1.5m3.

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