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Homegrown Smoking Chips - Manuka
  • Homegrown Smoking Chips - Manuka


    Sourced from the West Coast of the South Island, Manuka Chip is always a popular choice in the fishing community.  With its rich flavour, our Manuka Chip produces heavy smoke with a hint of sweetness


    Suitable with: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Game


    How to use your Homegrown Premium Smoking Chips


    Cooking Hot and Fast?

    Just throw the chips straight out of the packet onto the coals.


    Low and Slow?

    You’ll get more out of the chips if they’re soaked in water for 30 minutes before sprinkling on the coals, top up as necessary.


    Smoking in a gas BBQ?

    Use a smoker, or wrap dry chips in tinfoil, then place in the BBQ.

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